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Raquel Reguera is a renowned Spanish singer-songwriter currently residing in Shallotte, North Carolina. From a very young age, she displayed a fervent passion for music, diligently studying classical guitar and piano.
She adeptly balanced her pursuit of a university degree in Business
Administration with a highly successful career as a model. Her modeling endeavors eventually led her to esta
blish the Models Inc modeling school
in Madrid, Spain, when she was merely 20 years old.


Concurrently, at the age of 21, she embarked on her professional music career as the lead vocalist of the groups Dulces y Saladas and Glems. It was at the age of 22 that Raquel crossed paths with Daniel, and after several years of courtship, they got married and relocated from Spain to the Netherlands. During this period, Raquel temporarily set aside her artistic pursuits to undertake studies in theological and sociological sciences.
In 2003, Daniel and Raquel decided to make the United States their new home, and it was then that Raquel resumed her music career, this time as a solo artist, skillfully composing her own compositions. Her album "Para que vivir" (2009) ascended to the top position on numerous radio stations across Latin America. Subsequent hits followed, including "Sedienta" (2015), "Sólo tu amor" (2016), "Todo lo puedo" (2016), “Ahora” (2020) “Cara y Cruz” (2021) and "Calle eternidad" (2022).
Raquel is distinguished by her highly personal style, seamlessly fusing
elements of blues, folk, and country with her Spanish heritage, thus crafting
spiritual tapestries within each of her melodies.
Currently, she is the CEO of the audiovisual production company, Elway
Corp. Additionally, she holds the position of Director and Host "Punto de
encuentro TV SHOW”, and she is an esteemed writer and audiovisual
communicator for advertising agencies in Argentina, Colombia, and México.
Raquel and Daniel are also parents to their beloved daughter, Carmen Joanna, and they share their home with seven cherished feline companions, whose names are Dill, Luna, Punky, Leo, Kuromi, Neko, and Tabita.

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